Rules For Cheshire County Ladies Bowling Association

Bye Laws and Rules

  1. The Association shall be known as The Cheshire County Ladies Bowling Association.
    Its aim is to continue to field a County Team to play in the Inter-County Championships and to promote bowls at all levels of the game.

  2. We play according to the British Crown Green Bowling Association Rules and Laws of the game, and the British Crown Green Ladies Bowling Association Bye Laws and Rules.

  3. The business of the Association will be transacted by the Management Committee which will consist of: The President, Vice President, County Secretary, Chairlady, Treasurer, Registrar and Two Captains.
    The Management Committee to be elected every year at the October Annual General Meeting, with exception of the President and the Vice President who will be elected every two years.
    No club to have more than One Member on the Management Committee.

  4. Affiliation Fee will be £3.00 per club (last increased in 2008)

  5. Any player who is affiliated to the Cheshire County Ladies must show allegiance to this County.
    When entering BCGLBA Competitions it has to be through the Cheshire County Ladies.

  6. If playing in a BCGLBA Competition having entered through the CCLBA County colours must be worn.

  7. The Management Committee and the Selection Committee will meet the Third Sunday in January of each year to put forward player’s names to be considered to play for the County.

  8. The Management Committee and Selectors shall meet to select players and reserves for the first County Match of the season on the last Friday Evening in March of each year.

  9. The Annual General Meeting of the Association will be held in October of each year.

  10. The County Secretary and Treasurer shall both receive expenses plus an honorarium each year.

C.C.L.B.A. Competition Rules

  1. Only players registered with the affiliated clubs will be eligible to play for the CCLBA.

  2. Players must give One Calendar Month’s Notice (in writing) to the County Secretary or their respective Captain if they are un-available to play in any County Match.

  3. Without due notice of Non Attendance, players will be suspended for one match. This rule only applies if a player or reserve has been selected.
    Players may give reason and apologies for consideration beforehand.

  4. A Metal County Badge will be awarded to each player at their first selected match.

  5. The ‘Phyllis Williams Rose Bowl’ will be presented each year to the Cheshire player with the highest aggregate score in the BCGLBA Inter-County Championships.

  6. All Players and Reserves selected for the home match must report to their respective Captain no later than 1.30pm on Match Day.

  7. All Players and Reserves selected for the Home match, to practice the Home Venue Green as much as possible.
    All Reserves to carry their woods to all matches in case of being called on to play.

  8. Where a team Coach has been made available, all players are expected to travel together.

  9. Where possible, Team Players are not to mark cards, they should be around the green supporting the players.

  10. Players, Reserves and All Team Officials must wear the ‘County Colours’ at all matches.
    BCGLBA Rules.
    Cheshire County Colours will be: Navy Trousers / Skirt / Tailored Shorts (below the knee), Pale Blue Sweatshirt, Pale Blue Polo Shirt (must have collar & sleeves).

  11. Players and Reserves must be in full County Dress by 2.00pm on Match Day.